Hi, I'm Gavin!

I'm a Bostonian studying computer science at UC Berkeley. My interests include producing music, practicing photography, and working on fun side-projects (when I have the time). Feel free to look at some of the activites I've been involved in and some not-so-recent projects I've worked on!


This fall, I'm in Bellevue, WA on Google's Chrome team. I'm incredibly excited for this opportunity to help improve something I use on a daily basis! Here's hoping the weather is better than Boston!


This summer, I joined Wayfair's Big Data & Messaging team to work on a tool that helps engineers use Apache Kafka. It was great being back in Boston, but it was even better learning about Kafka and how it's used at a company like Wayfair. Turns out, managing tons of data from across the globe isn't easy!


In 2018, I worked on the SAP HANA database to enable SDA support for PostgreSQL. Basically, my job was to allow databases that used one language to communicate with other databases across the world that used another.


I help run BridgeUSA at Berkeley. It's an organization that seeks to span the political divide on campus through civil discourse and debate. So far, we've been able to spark healthy discussions through holding open forums and inviting public figures from all sides of the political spectrum to campus. As CTO, I created and maintain the Berkeley chapter's website and the national chapter's website. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in joining!


Last fall semester, I was on the course staff teaching the introductory programming class: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. It's one of my favorite courses at UC Berkeley because 61A covers a wide range of computer science topics while staying accessible to those who haven't coded before. If you're a student wondering whether to take the class, go for it!

Cut It Out

A utility that uses Google Cloud Platform’s machine learning and natural language processing API to summarize text including articles and essays. It analyzes paragraphs to find relevance to the main message and includes phrases most pertinent to the body of the text.

Thought Bot

A Twitter bot that uses a type of recurrent neural network to generate phrases based on Reddit’s ShowerThoughts. Key expressions are automatically selected and tweeted. Even though it's no longer active, you can find past tweets here. If you want to learn more about RNNs, take a look at this paper.

Ball and Cup

A realistic simulation of the ball and cup game on Android. I made it using a custom-built game engine which implements string tension, collision detection, parabolic rope physics, and air friction. It turned out to be a great learning experience in software engineering and real-life application of physics.